Friday, July 24, 2009

too old to be saved, too young to die

So we're all agreed, under-age drinking is a b-a-a-d thing, right?

So if some-one starts drinking early, and gets hooked and becomes an alcoholic, and gets cirrhosis of the liver he deserves to die - right? Or not?

Well, it seems he does, even if he was too young when he started to drink to understand fully what he was getting into, because rules is rules ( see article). That is, because someone is too ill to be sent home to prove that he can live without alcohol for six months, he is sentenced to death without judge or jury, or mitigating circumstances.

- and if it were your son, would you still feel the same? I doubt it.

so today, I'll wear black, instead of purple. To mourn the death of common sense in these pestered isles.

1 comment:

  1. Common sense? When was the last time you read or heard of any common sense? It is right up there with "accountability" and the lack thereof. I fully expect to live past 100 just to pay everyone back. So there!