Thursday, July 23, 2009

introduction to ...

... a grumpy old woman, who's wearing purple, but I'm not dead yet!

But I am sick and tired of the stupidities of modern living and the way that some people seem to think that if you're over sixty, you're nothing but a coffin-dodger, and you should move over, or better still, roll over and die!

So this is my new blog to get things off my chest by pinpointing the latest stupidities, I M (not so) H O!

So if you like it, let me know. If you don't, you know what you can do.

Because I'm
wearing purple, and i'm not dead yet!

So here's my first moan:
the school with 100 CCTV cameras.

Fantastic, great, wonderful: the kids all behave, the teachers all teach better to camera, the local louts no longer vandalise the place. What's not to like?? And soon they're going to have another hundred - things can only get better - not. It doesn't seem to have dawned on any body that a) this is definitely 1984 - with nobs on! And b) it's not teaching any one how to behave well.

Because if the only thing that's making you behave well is the thought that someone might be watching you, then what happens when you're no longer under surveillance? Oh, I know ... we must have MORE cameras, we must have them everywhere. In school, at home, on the street, in our bedrooms, bathrooms - I tell you what, let's have them in our heads! Bring on the thought police. Roll on the robots. A-a-a-r-gh! Police state? Or what? Funny, really. In my day (oh, did I tell you, I'm going to use all those annoying grumpy old women phrases, just for fun) you were taught to monitor your own behaviour, but maybe that's too much like hard work for today's busy parents/teachers.

and for good measure: what DO we think about THIS, boys and girls?

This oversized - and undoubtedly expensive - elephant turd has been deposited (presumably by a giant invisible elephant! - say, the Corporation of London???) near where I live, without a by-your-leave, or if-you-please. It's an installation, you say? It has deep significance - it symbolises ... whatever, whatever. How about a great post-modern waste of a whole heap of money in this time of recession, blah, blah, blah. For more
go to this website. 'I'm so sorry, goodbye' - too right, can't be too soon for me!

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